Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is divided into three regions: the UAE capital city and its environs, Al Ain (Eastern Region), and Al Dhafra (Western Region) (Western Region). The emirate is a delight to visit due to its geographically diversified beauty and rich culture and history. Admire ancient UNESCO World Heritage sites, kayak through mangrove forests, visit awe-inspiring architectural landmarks, museums and galleries, wander beneath palm trees in centuries-old oases, go wild at adventure and theme parks, relax at luxury resorts, and shop in some of the world's best shopping malls.

The remarkable, centuries-old tale of Abu Dhabi is a complex tapestry of epic adventure and great endurance, encompassing the Bedouins' (nomadic Arab people) resistance as well as the capital's impressive progress. The animals that live in Abu Dhabi, from horses and camels to Salukis (desert hunting dogs) and falcons, have all contributed to the city's metamorphosis. There are a variety of cultural and history excursions available, each tailored to different sorts of travelers, from families and friends to solitary explorers and bigger groups, providing a deeper insight into the emirate's customs and traditions. With sophisticated restaurants, cafés, and bistros serving cuisines from all over the world, Abu Dhabi boasts a wide selection of great eating alternatives.