Kandy is a well-known Sri Lankan city in the country's central region. Kandy's skies are bruised on some days, with persistent mist clinging to the hills surrounding the city's lovely centre piece lake. The mist is softly parted by gentle hill-country breezes, revealing colourful buildings amid Kandy's strange woodland halo. Even when it's drizzling, this city looks great.

The distance from Colombo to Kandy is approximately 122 km which will take approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes by car or taxi depending on the traffic

The city has various types of accommodation facilities varying from 5-star luxury hotels to budget hotels.Going around Kandy is easy with the local bus network, three-wheeler, taxi, etc which fits everyone’s budget.

Kandy is known for being the home of the Temple Of The Sacred Tooth Relic, which is unquestionably the most famous of all Sri Lankan temples. Kandy also has a number of noteworthy museums and beautiful sites. Kandy was also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

The Temple Of The Sacred Tooth Relic houses Lord Buddha's tooth, a Buddhist relic treasured all over the world. The Audience Hall, which has artistically carved pillars, and the Rajah Tusker Hall, which is dedicated to Rajah, who has participated in the Kandy Esala Perahera (procession) for fifty years, are the most noteworthy elements of Kandy's Royal Palace, which are located near to the temple. The World Buddhist Museum, National Museum of Kandy, and Sri Dalada Museum, all situated within the temple complex, house artifacts relating to Buddhism, Kandy, and colonial rule.

Even though this is a place important for Buddhists, many tourists can be seen visiting this place because it depicts a thousand years of Sri Lanka’s culture in one frame. Therefore, a visit to Kandy will undoubtedly provide excellent insight into Sri Lanka's unique culture.