Galle is a precious gem. This historic city, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is a joy to stroll through, an eternally fascinating old trading port brimming with majestic Dutch-colonial structures, ancient mosques and cathedrals, grand houses, and museums. You'll pass elegant cafes, intriguing stores, and gorgeously restored hotels owned by local and international artists, writers, photographers, and designers as you wander its wandering alleyways.

The distance from Colombo to Galle is approximately 125 km which will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by car or taxi depending on the traffic. The city has various types of accommodation facilities varying from 5-star luxury hotels to budget hotels.Going around Galle is easy with the local bus network, three-wheeler, taxi, etc which fits everyone’s budget.

The Galle Fort, a walled enclave surrounded on three sides by the sea and erected by the Dutch beginning in 1663, is located in the heart of Galle. A large part of the Fort's appeal is that it isn't only a beautiful place. The local economy has been dominated by tourism, but this one-of-a-kind city remains operational, with administrative offices, courts, export firms, schools, and colleges.

Galle's atmosphere seduces most visitors, and it is unquestionably southern Sri Lanka's one must-see attraction.