Bintan Island, known as one of Indonesia's most unique tourist attractions, provides a wide range of interesting activities that you must try. Luxury resorts, world-class golf courses, and breathtaking coastline scenery all on one island would be the ideal destination for individuals seeking leisure and adventurous activities. Bintan Island is the biggest of the 3,000 islands in the Riau Archipelago, with more than 350,000 people visiting each year.
Bintan has become a world-class sport-tourism destination, attracting thousands of athletes from all over the globe to compete in marathons, triathlons, extreme sports, and golf challenges. In previous years, the Bintan Resorts have hosted the world-famous annual Triathlon. At Ferry Terminals and Resorts, taxis and automobile rentals are readily accessible. Renting scooters is a fun and simple method to explore the beaches surrounding the Island for those who enjoy adventure. Scooter rentals are widely available across the island. Buses are another option for getting about. Shuttle buses are frequently available at major resorts to transport tourists throughout the local region. The island also provides a completely unique culinary experience, with a variety of delectable appetizers and delectable dinners highlighting the particular flavors of Bintan and the Riau Islands. Bintan has a variety of gastronomic delights that draw visitors back to the island time and time again.