Trincomalee, which is also known as "Trinco" is nestled over one of the most gorgeous natural harbors in the world. This historic city is nearly incalculably old: according to the Mahavamsa (Great Chronicle), it is the site of medieval Gokana, and its Shiva temple is the site of Trikuta Hill in the Hindu classic Vayu Purana. It's a fantastic place to stop on your route to the surrounding beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli.

Trincomalee's excellent deep-water port has made it a target for numerous invasions over the centuries. The city had changed colonial hands seven times by the time the British took control in 1795. It's easy to lose a day or more visiting the fort and its famed temple, as well as the numerous waterfronts

The distance from Colombo to Trinco is approximately 266 km which will take approximately 6 hours by car or taxi depending on the traffic.

The city has various types of accommodation facilities varying from luxury hotels to budget hotels. Getting around in Trinco is easy if you rent a car or simply a humble three-wheel driver will drop you at any of the attractions as you wish