Perak, Penang & Perlis

Perak, Penang & Perlis Unravel the wonders of Asia as you journey up north, traversing the lovely states of Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis. Discover cultures that are as diverse as the attractions – islands and beaches, rainforests and caves, temples and museums, theme parks and historic sites – complemented by a delightful mélange of things to experience. Perak and Penang have enjoyed rapid development since their establishment. Nevertheless, they have retained their old-world charm and natural heritage. Kedah and Perlis, the country’s main producers of rice on the other hand, are known not only for picturesque paddy fields and traditional villages but also as nature’s adventure playgrounds.

The Northern Region is the destination for leisure pursuits. Within it lie the internationally famous Pangkor Laut Resort, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City of Georgetown, Asia’s first Geopark –Langkawi and the country’s only semi-deciduous rainforest at the Perlis State Park. Wonderful surprises abound here and there are more than enough reasons to make it the perfect getaway. For a taste of intriguing cultures and exciting adventures, where else but the Northern Region?